Kim Rudd to run for the Liberal’s Justin Trudeau in Northumberland-Pine Ridge

Rudd focused on creating economic growth through job creation, attraction and retention

For Immediate Release
April 27, 2014

Kim Rudd was nominated today as the Liberal Party of Canada’s candidate for the next federal election, representing the new riding of Northumberland-Pine Ridge.

“Canadians today are worried about whether or not their kids will get a fair shot at getting good jobs. They’re also worried about whether or not be able to retire the debts they owe before they themselves retire. And it’s why I’ve decided to run for office and hopefully be your champion to tackle those challenges head on,” Rudd said to an enthusiastic crowd at the Cobourg Community Lions Centre.

Kim Rudd has the experience needed to be our communities’ representative in Ottawa. She has a strong foundation in job creation, education and skills training as former president and owner of both Willis College and NC Training Inc. As co-founder of Cook’s School Day Care, Kim created over 50 jobs in our community, and has helped thousands retrain for new careers.  She has also mentored and provided start-up assistance to a number of women who have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs.

“Along with Justin Trudeau, I believe a strong economy nationally is one that ensures we have a thriving middle class, and allows for all Canadians to have real and fair chance at success. But for that to be possible, we need a strong local economy here in Northumberland-Pine Ridge, and that will be my focus” said Rudd.

“We know that productivity and innovation are important, but what I am after is ensuring that our economy here at home provides well paying, good jobs. And to do that, we have to get the big things right for more economic growth and job creation, like education and health care.”

“We know that 7 out of 10 jobs in the future are going to require post-secondary education. This is why I’m going to leverage my experience in providing education to ensure that our kids and young adults here in our community have the skills they need to get well-paying jobs later in life,” said Rudd.

Rudd noted that there needs to be new investments in hard infrastructure that supports growth, and that investments like traditional roads and bridges that make sense for the unique needs of each community. Beyond direct investment, Kim stated that local communities need strong advocacy in Ottawa to create the framework to support growth.

“This is why I believe we need key initiatives that support growth. We need a strategic plan for advanced manufacturing, as well as supports small and medium sized businesses as well as business incubators across Eastern Ontario, and for tech start-ups that can establish themselves right here at home,” stated Rudd.

“In 2015, we will have a clear choice before us, the choice between a tired Harper government that is plagued with destructive partisanship, wasteful spending and politics driven by fear and anger, or a chance to form a new government under Justin Trudeau who will focus on bringing fairness and prosperity for all Canadians. I’m proud to be part of Justin Trudeau’s team, and look forward to working with residents as we work towards the 2015 federal election so our community has positive vision and an advocate for the real issues residents care about”.


 “An entrepreneur and long-time volunteer, Kim’s commitment to service extends well beyond her community. Kim has a record of bringing people together to achieve a common goal. I know Kim will be an exceptional representative for the people of Northumberland—Pine Ridge.”

Justin Trudeau
Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

“Since the last election, Kim has worked tirelessly as the National Liaison Officer for our community, promoting progressive causes in both Ottawa and here in Northumberland-Pine Ridge. We are excited to be working with Kim in as our Liberal candidate as we continue to work together to have her elected in 2015.”

Gary Woodill, President
Northumberland Pine Ridge Federal Liberal Association

“Kim Rudd is an advocate that has a proven track record of delivering results. And it is why we need Kim as our elected official in order to bring that experience, ability and positive vision to create jobs in our community for today and tomorrow.”

Dr. Thomas Sears
Resident of Port Hope

“What excites me about Kim Rudd and Justin Trudeau, is that in the next election we have a chance to do away with cynicism around politics. Kim Rudd has the right stuff to be our local leader, and Justin Trudeau has a real and positive vision for our country. This is why I’m supporting Kim today, and why I’m excited to vote Liberal in the next election.”

Michael Boland
Resident of Newcastle


Kim Rudd

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